Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table Reviews

Read through customer reviews for Jamerrill Stewart's Large Family Table Shop! Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, Freezer Cooking, Cookbooks, Meal Plans for Large Families, Slow Cooker Dinners, Dessert guides, and so much more!

There are a variety of freezer meals and recipes such as classic, low-carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. You'll find big batch cooking guides for freezer cooking. Large Family Weekly Meal Plans, tons of resources to help you feed your people. 

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For The Two Of Us

Jamerrill I just want to say thank you. My family is now empty nesters. So just the two of us. However, I have taken your Mega Momma Meals and made them freezer size for 2 people. Which by the way is a huge money saver for us. And when we have to send meals off for a church member or someone who needs one they are ready. Again, you don’t have to be a Mega family to enjoy your mega meals.

The Birth of Jesus Table Pack {28 pages}
michelle anderson (North Branch, US)
The Birth of Jesus table pack

Jamerrill did an amazing job on this pack! Thanks for doing the leg work for me. Great product!

Excellent quality, well thought out information and format! Thank you!

Jamerill, I hesitated purchasing your LFT bundle because I thought it would just be copycat information from your youtube channel. Boy was I wrong! I highly recommend this bundle to anyone (large family or small) interested in new recipes, meal planning, etc. Thank you for all you offer!

"Yes & Amen" White Letters/Color Fitted Tee
Amanda Everett (Adelaide, AU)
Love it

Gorgeous t shirt..can't wait for the other one to arrive

"Yes and Amen" Tee (XS-5XL)
Niko Tankersley (Safford, US)

I say it since jammerel said it I bought the t-shirt in teal lllllooooove it thank you!!

Large Family Freezer Casseroles {48 pages}
Pamela Bernstein (Oklahoma City, US)
Love It

Thank you so much I watch you all the time, your spirit is a godsend I love the pages and haven’t got to cook yet but I can’t wait,you have inspired me to get out of my shell. This is amazing.

Low Carb Double Bundle {56 pages}
Monte Hess (Bryan, US)

I am really enjoying this download! Even though we are older and children and grandchildren are grown, all the organizational tools are terrific and the recipes are delicious and easily downsized for us! I absolutely love your videos! I love the fact that you are telling mommas what Jesus has done in your life! You are just precious!

Delicious & Low Carb!!!

This bundle was a fantastic addition to my low carb recipe collection! The low carb dessert is highly recommended! It will seriously save you from sabotaging your weight loss journey when you are craving sweets.

Gluten-Free Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}
Carrie Walbolt (Perrysburg, US)
Great help with planning

I'm ready to follow this plan and be prepared for meal time. Great product!

Low Carb Double Bundle {56 pages}
Nancy Johnson (Kingsport, US)

I'm so excited to create all your recipes, especially the desserts for Thanksgiving.


Simple and easy to follow! This will help when I batch cook for myself and my brother as we are both type 2 diabetics.

Thank you!

Large Family Slow Cooker Dinners {41 pages}
Andrea Noete (Red Deer, CA)

They are the best and easy to follow!!


Thank you so much ma’am for them. It really is a lifesaver. I have a family of 8 so the packs definitely help. Thank you hun. I look forward to seeing more recipes 😊

Double Bundle Breakfast & Lunches

Hey there. Love how the recipes are easy to follow, especially made with ingredients normal people would have on hand, haha. Thank you for all the work you put into these recipes. Lots of love from Tennessee!

Large Family Freezer Casseroles {48 pages}
Andrea Bowman (Red Deer, CA)

These are amazing my family loves them!

Two words…Yum Yum!

Stumbled upon your YouTube channel, what a revelation!! I have been stuck in a rut making the same low carb meals till I was sick of them…then along came Jamerril a wonderfully practical funny entertaining mama… with a load of easy to make tasty meals! Wish I’d discovered you sooner.

Large Family Freezer Meals {27 pages}
Abigail Reyes (Regina, CA)

Large Family Freezer Meals {27 pages}

"Yes and Amen" Tee (XS-5XL)
Debbie Unverzagt (Joshua, US)
Yes and Amen Shirt

Thank you so much for getting the larger sizes. I love My new shirt. Very soft and comforting. I gave the original smaller one I purchased to a friend for her retirement and she loved it. Very happy customer here !💙💙💙

So easy to read and make

I have had the stuff peppers so far and so easy to read and put together. We love the recipes and can't wait to try more. Thank you Amanda

"Yes & Amen" Mug
Rebecca King (Omaha, US)

Customer service was amazing. Product shipped as promised and I love my mug. It's already gone through the dishwasher several times and it's holding up well!!

rv living

We are a family of 2, sometimes 3 and live in an RV full time. I wanted to try something different so I wouldn't have to do dishes and mess up my small kitchen all the time. This works for me on a smaller level. I just cut the quantities down and make all the things. Thank you for a plan to enjoy my new wayn of life


I absolutely love my apron! When I put it on to do all things😏 I feel like it’s a reminder to learn, enjoy all things and laugh at the “little powerhouse that gets it done”. Fun, good quality and a piece of a “friend”😊

"Jamerrill's Eyeballing School" Black Apron
Angela Quillen (Bristol, US)
T shirt and apron

I love it! Great quality!

"Yes & Amen" White Letters/Color Fitted Tee
pattyP curry (Abington, US)
i love it

i love it because its the word of god and it supports another believers business