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Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table Reviews

Read through customer reviews for Jamerrill Stewart's Large Family Table Shop! Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, Freezer Cooking, Cookbooks, Meal Plans for Large Families, Slow Cooker Dinners, Dessert guides, and so much more!

There are a variety of freezer meals and recipes such as classic, low-carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. You'll find big batch cooking guides for freezer cooking. Large Family Weekly Meal Plans, tons of resources to help you feed your people. 

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It’s only my husband and myself now, but when the kids come home with their family’s we’re feeding large groups. Which I love!

Love it

I love the freezer meal bundles. I have a smaller family but still make the mega amounts so I have multiples of each dinner in my freezer

Perfect for the days when my brain is just tired

I’m thrilled that Jamerrill took the thinking out of this for me! There’s nothing more I love than cooking for my small family of 4 (size doesn’t matter, scale down or dare I say up!) but some days I need another mama to lean on and I thank you for being that person. Will be posting how it turns out on IG (not sure I can advertise but will tag LFT hashtag xx)


As a physician and a mom its hard. This makes it a bit easier. Eating one and freezing the other reduces meal freak outs

Love it

So happy with my first purchase and it will not be my last. Im already planning my cooking day. Thank you for such a amazing helping guide and recipes


Amazing value! The hard work is the planning of all the meals. You are such a blessing! Love to cook with you on YouTube! 😘

I think it’s a great product, especially for the value. Can’t wait to put them all to use

Easy and Delicious Meals!!!

I absolutely love this bundle! It is full of delicious meals, easy to follow recipes and no brain use grocery lists. I filled my freezer Saturday and I have never had anything go so smoothly and fast ! Thanks Jamerrill! Your packs are very thought out and family friendly. Every household shoud have ALL your packs!

Super Mega Large Freezer Meals

Love your meals, thanks you so much! You are truly a blessing!!


I love to watch your videos and enjoy your recipes. Bless you and your whole large family...

Yummy recipes! Thank you!!

Amazing woman

She’s phenomenal


Thank you so much! Such a lifesaver when we are about to move!

Mega sale

I am sure I will love it! We are moving right now. Checked it out, looks great!

Great Product

Your products are wonderful. I can tell you put a lot of thought in them.

New 2021 Super Mega Deal

I am looking forward to getting into cooking some of these meals, they look very appealing and I certainly need inspiration after cooking for a family of 7 the last 12 years!!

Super Mega Deal

I am so excited to have all of the new recipes! I have recently had surgery so being organized is very important! Everything is in order from the shopping lists etc. I look forward to exploring the bundle fully as I recover! Even though we are empty nesters we still have full time jobs ! Thank you Jamerrill !

Loved slow cooker recipes

Simple, easy to follow recipes with easy to find ingredients. No exotic, hard to find ingredients. Tasty too.

Great product!

I have been extremely scatterbrained lately as we have a lot going on and this has been helpful for keeping my family fed!

MEGA MUFFINS | Volume One - Digital Download
Ami Bakken (Fort Leonard Wood, US)
MEGA Love MEGA Muffins

I loved this download. So quick and easy for me to download print and start baking. I absolutely love the large batch size of these tasty and easy recipes. I filled my freezer and pull the muffins out anytime I have company or need easy breakfasts. I constantly get compliments on how tasty they are. I highly recommend! 5 star review for sure!!

Truely Mega Lots of recipes!

Looking forward to the mega muffins pack! I can't wait to plan a freezer cooking day....but I can't decide which pack to choose! So many good looking recipes! I'm going to need a new freezer!

The New 2021 Super Mega Deal

This Bundle is fantastic, I am a mother of 4, grandmother to 9, recently its struck me that I am spending way too much time in the kitchen, and not enough time with my family. So being able to make bulk meals is fantastic, and sharing your receipes makes my life simple, I have been watching you for a while now, and I think you are fantastic, when I am flagging throughout the day, all I have to do is watch you on You Tube and I am reinvigorated. Thank you so much Jamerrill you are an inspiration.
My name is Paula and I live in Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

Amazing quality

All the recipes I’ve tried so far have turned out amazing! They’re easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! I use the larger size recipes for meal prep, so I don’t have to worry about cooking during the week! The recipe packs aren’t just great for large families, but also for singles or couples. Super excited to try more!

Loved instant pot recipes

Loved the recipes. Simple to follow and ingredients I have on hand. Nothing exotic or hard to find.

Love the Recipes.

I’m a working mom of four who typically cooks dinner five days a week. I’ve made three recipes already and I’m loving it. The stuffed jumbo shells were such a hit and I have an extra pan waiting in the freezer for a dinner next week already. So much saved time and best of all—home cooked meals. Plus, I’m cooking out of my comfort zone. I’m Mexican so I’m pushing my boundaries with the different recipes. 👍🏽👍🏽