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Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table Reviews

Read through customer reviews for Jamerrill Stewart's Large Family Table Shop! Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, Freezer Cooking, Cookbooks, Meal Plans for Large Families, Slow Cooker Dinners, Dessert guides, and so much more!

There are a variety of freezer meals and recipes such as classic, low-carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. You'll find big batch cooking guides for freezer cooking. Large Family Weekly Meal Plans, tons of resources to help you feed your people. 

Based on 1063 reviews

LARGE FAMILY SLOW COOKER DINNERS + 4 WEEK MEAL PLAN! Simple & Cozy Volume Two - Digital Download

Something for Everyone

Tasty -- my kind of food! Thanks!

Pressure Cooker Meal Plan

Love the videos and recipes!

Freezer meals

I love these videos and recipes! Even though I have a family of 4, I’m learning to stock up on freezer meals so I don’t have to be in the kitchen every evening! It makes life so much easier having ready to cook yummy meals in the freezer.

The BEST recipe collection

This collection of recipes that Jamerrill has put together is incredible. Not only are the recipes super yummy and easy, but the helpful tips on how to prepare and go about your batch cooking helps keep me sane and keeps my cooking in order. The homeschool planner/ memory book is wonderful as well and I love all of the memory spots to fill in to help my family remember our special moments. 10 out of 10, would recommend. The mega bundle is where it's at!

love it

i have been following you for over a year and it helped me start doing freezer meals .. only 3 in my house so i use smaller plans but they have helped so very much .. I even stock my daughters freezer to help her .. keep up the great work

Jamerrill's Recipes Rock

I have been cooking with Jamerrill for years now. I purchased one of her large recipe bundles about 18 months ago and have made many of the recipes. Never been disappointed. Easy instructions, easy to find ingredients and wonderful results. She has helped to fill my freezer many times!! xoxo

Big Family meal bonus for 2

I truly LOVE LOVE Jammerill's meal plans. My 2 kids are grown and gone, but my heart for service comes in handy with these meal packs. They have been perfect when providing meals to families in need of them when going through difficult times AND I always get rave reviews on how tasty they are! I can easily halve the recipe and make for my smaller family - OR - do the full meal deal when my large extended family all gets together. You don't need to have a pile of kids to make this system work for you! (although I really would've had a pile but got vetoed) - Keep em' coming Jammerill - I love it!!

Excellent Recipes

I have followed you and made several of your recipes and my family has loved each and every one of them.

I was really excited to see this meal plan packet centered around using my Instant Pot. I'm not a large family mom, but even with only one child, I have benefited from Jamerrill's tips and encouragement to streamline my kitchen processes. I love how she offers familiar-sounding dishes that my family is likely to want to try, as well as some items I never would have thought to cook in my Instant Pot (like the baked ham).

Thank you!

I love watching Jammerill cook and talk. I enjoy her bubbly personality. Even on the days where life gets a bit stressful. I am excited to have and try these recipes when the kids and grandkids visit.
Thanks again.

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Customer (Fort White, US)
Freezer meals

My whole family has liked every recipe I have made. It helps me keep my sanity by stocking my freezer with meals.

Can't wait to try!

I have been watching Jamerrill for years now and i have always wanted to try her recipes!

Can't wait to get started!!!

I have always loved Jamerrill's freezer meals and constantly go back to my freezer meal packs for weekly inspiration. Now I can't wait to really start using my Instapot to its full potential with these awesome pressure cooker recipes!
My family and I thank you, Jamerrill, for helping this tired momma come up with weekly meal plans that are delicious and easy to throw together!

Super excited to try these!

Hello! I just absolutely LOVE Jamerrill's recipes and meal plans. I have 3 boys who eat like a full grown man, on top of that I run and in home daycare. Your meal plans, freezer meals and recipes have been a LIFE SAVER! Thank you thank you!

So excited!

I love Jamerrill’s meal plans, and can’t wait to try this one. Her plans are so well organized and detailed. They make meal planning and prep a breeze! So helpful for busy families.


I have wanted to buy a pressure cooker for some time now after watching Jamerrils videos online! Now that I have a whole months worth of recipes for one! I am going to have to buy one! lol I am soooo excited to try them out. I love Jamerrils recipes and use them on a weekly basis for my large family here in Australia! They are easily converted to use Aussie measurements! Thanks for the blessing Jamerril!!

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Just what I was looking for!

I look forward to using these recipes, they are just what I was looking for! I have enjoyed being a subscriber or years!


Loooove all of Jamerrill’s videos, blog post, recipes, meal plans, homeschool mama tips… just all the things!

Easy meal plans

Perfect easy meals for different size families. Love it!

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Kim Saint (Birmingham, US)
Delicious and Doable!

Jamerrill’s recipes are always a hit! Delicious and doable recipes are what every busy mom needs in her arsenal. Most are healthy too or easy substitutes can be made accordingly. I especially appreciate the low carb ones!

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Sarah L. (La Harpe, US)
Love Jamerrill's meal plans!

I have used several of Jamerrill's meal plans and love the simplicity and ease of using them. My absolute favourite part of using her meal plans though is watching Jamerrill cook through the plans in her youtube videos, her videos are always so much fun!

Great videos!

Very much enjoy watching your YouTube channel. I used to watch you years ago, but I guess I never subscribed so at some point I lost track, and then I found you again several months ago—so glad I did!

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Nikki W. (Fort Collins, US)
Great recipes!

I love jamerrill's style of cooking, I have a moderate size family and I appreciate how I can cook one meal and stock up my freezer for future meals at the same time. This is a game changer!