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Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table Reviews

Read through customer reviews for Jamerrill Stewart's Large Family Table Shop! Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, Freezer Cooking, Cookbooks, Meal Plans for Large Families, Slow Cooker Dinners, Dessert guides, and so much more!

There are a variety of freezer meals and recipes such as classic, low-carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. You'll find big batch cooking guides for freezer cooking. Large Family Weekly Meal Plans, tons of resources to help you feed your people. 

Based on 882 reviews
Best Mega lots cook book ever!

I absolutely love this Mega meal deal!!
Although I’m neither a momma or cook for big crowds “yet”,🤩I grew up in a big family & found the love of cooking/baking very early on.
This is the best by far!!
Thank you Jamerrill you’ve made a Crazy Virginia girl very Happy. 😊


I’m so organized with my meal planning now. A few hours work and I’m set to go. It’s just heat and eat!


We are a gluten-free only family as my daughter can have a life threatening reaction to gluten. We are welcoming three kids into our family as a foster-to-adopt placement tomorrow, and I've spent the weekend batch cooking to help with the transition. I'm so glad I did! I did half of the recipes, and we have 22 meals ready to go. These meals are tasty, cost effective, truly gluten free, and fun to prepare. Highly recommend this pack for GF families!

Amazing help with new dinner ideas!

Thank you from a mom of 5. Your awesome!!

This and that!

I love Jamerrill’s recipes. I have made blueberry oatmeal muffins, all kinds of breakfast sandwiches and I am getting started on other recipes. We are a family of 2 so I cut the recipes in half and share with my married daughter and son in law. My problem is lack of freezer space. Going thru and using what I have for now and gradually going to add freezer meals.

Awesome Recipes and Grocery Lists!!

Jamerrill's recipes, meal plans and grocery lists are AWESOME!!

Easy to make and easy to save one

I have made two receipes from Bake One Take One both were excellent.

Really Great help

I really loved this cookbook. It is things that I will eat and just awesome. Thank you Jamerrill .

Love these plans

I am in love with all the plans. I can't wait to see if there are more plans after 12. I use mine frequently since I have purchased them.


Due to the small size of my family I made one for now three for later ☺️ absolutely love it our freezer is stocked and everything is delicious. Bonus is my picky kids even enjoy most of these recipes, I can not wait to try the rest. 10 out of 10 can't wait to try another cookbook!!!

Great product!

Everything thing is easy to follow and the recipes are great! Thanks for doing all the work Jamerrill!

Great cookie plan with lots of options.

So many options with this Cookie Baking Book. I can make all of them, or just some of them. I can freeze part of the batches, or all of them. We have enjoyed making these cookies and seeing which cookie is each person’s favorite. Thank you! (I am team M&M cookie!)

What a great lady wonder

Hello j when I turned into you tube I discovered u and to my surprise I saw your beautiful friendly face and I said to myself do I want to watch this show with all those children? however I said Hattie remember you came from a family of fifteen and your mother cooked the same way I hear ya j and I'm loveing the show so I will keep watching what about other meats so far I've seen chicken, ground beef do you cook other meats? Hattie


We are stocking up on food for our busy life and this tool has worked out perfectly!

Great recipes!

Every recipe I have tried has been a hit with my family! Thank you Jamerrill!

Great package

I love the recipies and all the thought and organization in the mega bundle! Thank you so much!

Good stuff!!

Nice variety of recipes, beautifully laid out!

Beautifully organized recipes!

The recipes look great and the layout is beautiful. I appreciate that the list can be broken into two smaller chunks if I don't want to make all the meals at once.

Love everything

I really like everything I see. Thank you

Excellent Detailed instructions

Phenomenal presentation and step by step instructions. Superb shopping list and additional food planner helps scheduling the meals.

Loved it!!

The Holiday Meals Pack was super helpful for feeding all the people and kids at my mother-in-law’s house. She has 10 grandchildren living with her along with 4-5 other family members and they all loved the Mega Meals! Thank you so much ❤️

Huge help with preparing healthy wholesome food!

Great selection of recipes to suit everyone in the family. Easy to use and follow.

Love it

My family loves some of the recipes we have tried

Great as always

Nice and easy.


I have been out of town but will cook when I get home.
You are amazing.
Linda Giddens