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Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table Reviews

Read through customer reviews for Jamerrill Stewart's Large Family Table Shop! Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, Freezer Cooking, Cookbooks, Meal Plans for Large Families, Slow Cooker Dinners, Dessert guides, and so much more!

There are a variety of freezer meals and recipes such as classic, low-carb, keto, sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. You'll find big batch cooking guides for freezer cooking. Large Family Weekly Meal Plans, tons of resources to help you feed your people. 

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Jamerrill.Stewart,Large Family Table/ FRUGAL BAKING FROM SCRATCH

Love love these recipes, Watching your videos makes me want to bake so these look so easy to do and they are …All of your videos are so interesting and look easy and make life much more easy when life is so busy…. having all of your recipes would be better !!! ♥️Thank you for my order ♥️♥️♥️


So many good meals here that are great working parent . Thank you Jamerrill

Just right for 5 big eaters

I have been surprised at these recipes. They make enough food to feed my four big guys and myself and still have some leftovers. I never have to worry about revising the recipes to cover. I am not a great cook normally and my family enjoys my dinners now. I work full time and have a full schedule. Thank you for helping me nurture my family the way I always wanted to. I make up the crock and put it in the fridge and at 2:00 someone puts it on high for 4 hrs. It has worked wonders on our stress level. Thank you!!!!

Tasty recipies

From the recipes we have made, they have been quite easy and very tast

Super Extreme Grocery Budget & Meal Planning {12 pages}
Charlotte Wix Coleman (Acworth, US)

I thank you for all your hard work creating the family meal packs. Enjoy your videos, they help me get through my day.


I just completed freezer cooking for my family of 7. I love how easy to use these recipes were! I made 6 meals (4 of each meal) using packs 7, 8, and 9. It was easy to know at what point to stop cooking, how to assemble, and even what to write on the outside of the package. Thank you, Jamerill for putting together this easy to use bundle! It made the planning so much easier!

Worth the Money!

Really worth the money! Helps sooo much considering I have 3 kids ages 3 and under.

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SPRING 2022 MASSIVE Mega Bundle {1,314 pages}
Heather Gmiterek (Calgary, CA)
An incredible time and energy saver

I picked a breakfast lunch and dinner menu and ordered all my groceries to be delivered. Spent a day cooking and now I’m set for quite awhile. My kids have loved almost every recipe and I am so glad to have time and energy back. I didn’t have to sit and plan and math out quantities, try and figure out how to make, the prep and assembly instructions made it so easy. I got hours back to spend on the things I really want to do. It is an incredible investment in yourself. Not to mention if you do one big cook day you are saving the every day hassle of cleaning up after cooking.


Got this at the perfect time as I’m going to be welcoming baby #6 to the family in e next month. Started cooking up some freezer meals to have on hand. I am super excited to also use this on a more regular bases post baby.

Mega bundle

I love it I started.rigjt away my freezer is full great to have thank you

SPRING 2022 MASSIVE Mega Bundle {1,314 pages}
Veronica Griggs (Show Low, US)
Best money spent!

Your meal plans have made my life so much easier! Plus they are adorable!!

Fantastic Bundle

I have gotten recipes from you here and there but this bundle is Amazing! So many new recipes to try now!

SPRING 2022 MASSIVE Mega Bundle {1,314 pages}
Angie Steele (Madisonville, US)
Love the recipes

I love the different variations of the recipes. Things that are normal recipes yet they are some I have never tried. We have a family of seven & I am always looking for new recipes. We get tired of eating the same things. Thank you Jamerrill. ❤️

Awesome Buy

I live in Australian and have found this produce so helpful in busy family life. I printed of the recipes and wrote the conversation (imperial to metric) next to the shopping lists and recipes. It worked a treat. Now my freezer is stocked with multiple meals and snacks just waiting to be baked off and eaten. My husband especially enjoys having them there for Dad cooking night. I will definitely be buying the next instalment to add to the collection. Thanks Jamerrill for all the kitchen help.

Absolutely Amazing!!

I have used many recipes from this bundle so far and they are all delicious and kid-approved! I am especially enjoying the freezer meal books to stock my freezer up!

2022 bundle

I love it I can fill my freezer and my family is excited in trying new recipes.thank you for doing all the work well done!!🙂

Love the Ease of Use

The recipes are there. The planning is there. The shoppings lists are. What more could I ask for??? I love them! Thank you!

Love it

I love this bundle set. I am so excited to make the cookie and muffin bundles and all the freezer meals for my family. Jamerille's step by step recipes, shopping lists, etc is so helpful in knowing what to buy to make each recipes. I also love that she includes the smaller size bundles for smaller freezer meals for those nights a large family may not need the bigger meals. She has really thought of everything to help a busy momma.

Praise God for Jamerrill!

Jamerrill’s meal packs are true time savers! They are organized so well and really help those who are responsible to prepare food for their families. The recipes are very good, too! Thanks, Jamerrill! May God continue to bless you in all you do!


I absolutely LOVE everything in this pack.

MEGA Bundle

I have followed you for years. Love watching all your videos and see the kiddos grow. Have always wanted to try freezer cooking but life got in the way more times than I can count. So glad the time has finally come to be able to join the community of freezer cooking families and be able to take a break with always having to cook. Many blessings to you for all the time you have put into this wonderful bundle. I have already made a few meals and they were delicious. I am in the process of printing and putting them all in a binder/s for future use. Thank you Jamerrill

Large Family Slow Cooker Dinners {41 pages}
Maria Richards (Quincy, US)
Great so far!

I have tried the BBQ chicken and it was fantastic...and so easy! I love watching Jamerrill on YouTube and following along with everything that is going on in her life. She is so encouraging! I look forward to trying all the recipes out!

SPRING 2022 MASSIVE Mega Bundle {1,314 pages}
Sue Glendening (Charlotte, US)
Feeding the Hunger and the Hangery

Your packets are awesome. I love how you say it is alright to cook what you have, Meat prices have gone to the moon. The easy suggested substitutes make it more satisifying to one's budget and one's taste. Your program makes it real, Thank you for all of your hard work.

I love watching your videos you are so great