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Worth it

I have made several of the recipes and family loves the cheeseburger casserole. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent

Absolutely Fantastic!!

With a growing family we love the idea of big batch cooking and sharing within our households! Fantastic recipes! Thank you so much!

Thanks for making my sundays relaxing again

I use these as sunday crockpot meals for my family of 6. I spread out the cooking over a week separated by meat type, one day was all the ground beef, one day all the chicken, one day all the roast, one day all the pork, and one day breakfast options. Each option I either packaged into 4 meals instead of 2, or cut back on the recipie size if it was one my kids weren't going to love but I wanted to try anyway. Pull out a meal from the freezer saturday, pop it into the slow cooker before church on sunday, and supper can be on the table in 15 minutes. So much more freedom to enjoy company sunday afternoon instead of worrying about supper because it's already cooking. If I want to spend the day at the wedding pool, or outside in the garden, pop one of these in, pack some sandwiches and were set for the day and still come home to a hot supper without any extra effort from me. Thank you! You've given us our family time back!

30 Easy Freezer Meals {28 pages}
Lorraine Weikel (Glen Mills, US)
Easy freezer meals

Even though I don’t have a large family, I do have stage four cancer and I’m always looking for some thing that would be easy for me to prepare. I thought this package would serve me well. Thank you in advance.

Large Family Freezer Lunches {43 pages}
A Snyder (Cumberland, US)
Awesome help for a working momma

I’m a full time working momma, I also homeschool and have two disabled children, these easy meal plans with my shopping list already planned and directions even a tired momma can understand is just wonderful!!! Thank you Jamerrill for all your hard work!


I love the ideas and love one for now and food for my freezer.

Low carb meals

They are really flavourful and easy to put together

Love it!

It has made staying on law carb meals so easy.

"Yes and Amen" Tee (XS-5XL)
Tracey Saunders (Redditch, GB)
Yes and Amen t.shirt

Love the colour and fits fabulously. I like to wear my t.shirts loosely and I love it. The t.shirts are a fabulous fit, material is soft and comfortable and I love it. It washes and tries dries beautifully. I am going to be purchasing a lot more x

Casserole Dinners & Freezer Meals Triple Bundle {60 pages}
Heather Pederson (North Battleford, CA)
Not yet

I haven't made any yet. I plan on making the bundle when I move to my new place in July. I'm going to use them for harvest meals for this coming fall. I'm really excited and I'm sure all the men will love the meals.

Low Carb Freezer Meals

This has been the perfect purchase for me!! Love all the recipes and how quickly and easily they come together. Without this, it was difficult staying on track because life gets busy and I would make poor choices at times. Now I'm prepared and always have a delicious low carb meal ready to go!!! Thanks Jamerrill 💓

Helping This Mama

I am a Mama of 5 youngsters 3 of whom are neurodivergent! This mega meal plan has helped me so very much! Using this has helped me so much with getting tasty, nutritious meals on the table fast!

"Yes and Amen" Tee (XS-5XL)
Jeri Martinez (Mason, US)
T-shirt purchase

Absolutely love it! Will be buying more items. Thank you!

Large Family Freezer Lunches {43 pages}
Brandy Stockstill (Dallas, US)
So Impressed!

I’ve been watching Jamerrill for years and always wanted to try one of her meal plans. I didn’t think I had the time for anything extra. This pack is so well organized and laid out for you. If I’m not feeling up to several extra meals I can just do a couple and I have all the information to do it. My only regret is I didn’t decide to try it sooner. Thanks for helping this mama out.

Gluten-Free Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}
Melanie Hart (Fernandina Beach, US)
All tasty

I was so please to find the whole family enjoys each of the recipes I’ve prepared. From the community, I accessed the gluten-free Pack Six. I look forward to making each of them.

Large Family Freezer Lunches {43 pages}
Mesgana Gebremichael (Port Arthur, US)
Great help!

Thanks so much for these recipes- especially make and freeze one. It’s helped me so much when I’m short on time and tired. Usually I just order some fast food but now I reach into the freezer and throw in the oven or pressure cooker. So these packages have saved me money. I love the concepts and the food. Such great work - God bless you and your team.

Momma Ain't Getting That Done Either

I love this Tee. True to size and great quality. Keep up the terrific work Jamerrill.

"Doing All the Things" Color Hoodie
Lauren N. (Virginia Beach, US)
Love it!

I got the hoodie in black “ Doing all the things”.
It’s so warm, comfy, and cute!!

Perfect Hoody

I absolutely love my “doing all the things” hoody. It’s comfy and soft. It was shipped and arrived to my house incredibly fast. Thank you so much!

Low carb meals

Wow, this low carb recipe pack was truly amazing. I've never cooked so much at one time but man it's been worth it and helped me stay low carb!!

Low Carb Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}
Melanie Hart (Fernandina Beach, US)
First Freezer Meals Package Purchase

I was so pleased to find how thorough you are with the variety of cooking methods and storage. You have made the project of meal preparation very doable and I love to watch your YouTube episodes.

Large Family Freezer Lunches {43 pages}
Melinda Smithson (Kelowna, CA)

This package is awesome. The recipes taste great and make large amounts. Perfect value for money. I will buy more from this shop.

"Yes & Amen" Color Hoodie
Brenda Wiggs (Minneapolis, US)
Thank you!

I am so thrilled that you have sizes for us more filled out women. I’m excited about that. The hoodies look really well made and comfy. I’ll be getting a pink one soon! Yes and amen!

"Yes & Amen" Mug
L.C. (Ivel, US)
My mug....

Do I love my mug? Yes and AMEN! Nice size and lifts my spirit. Also, its holding up great over the many washings its went through.