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"Doing All the Things" Color Hoodie
Lauren N. (Virginia Beach, US)
Love it!

I got the hoodie in black “ Doing all the things”.
It’s so warm, comfy, and cute!!

Perfect Hoody

I absolutely love my “doing all the things” hoody. It’s comfy and soft. It was shipped and arrived to my house incredibly fast. Thank you so much!

Low carb meals

Wow, this low carb recipe pack was truly amazing. I've never cooked so much at one time but man it's been worth it and helped me stay low carb!!

Low Carb Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}
Melanie Hart (Fernandina Beach, US)
First Freezer Meals Package Purchase

I was so pleased to find how thorough you are with the variety of cooking methods and storage. You have made the project of meal preparation very doable and I love to watch your YouTube episodes.

This package is awesome. The recipes taste great and make large amounts. Perfect value for money. I will buy more from this shop.

"Yes & Amen" Color Hoodie
Brenda (Minneapolis, US)
Thank you!

I am so thrilled that you have sizes for us more filled out women. I’m excited about that. The hoodies look really well made and comfy. I’ll be getting a pink one soon! Yes and amen!

"Yes & Amen" Mug
L.C. (Ivel, US)
My mug....

Do I love my mug? Yes and AMEN! Nice size and lifts my spirit. Also, its holding up great over the many washings its went through.

Small Family Big Savings

I just cooked up Pack #4 of the Freezer Meals using the Small Family addition. It took me about 6 hours and I made 26 meals for our little family of three!!! It averages out to less than $2/person and my husband and I are shocked at how time and money efficient it is. I am SO glad we bought the Super Mega Bundle and just wanted to say thank you!!

Easy Skillet Dinners {20 pages}
Kathryn Gibson (Cleveland, US)
Great even for small families

There are just the two of us at home, but we can enjoy these recipes and have leftovers to use for lunches. I freeze them so they last longer.

Large Family Freezer Casseroles {48 pages}
Rosaline Elias (Thetis Island, CA)
Love Jamerrill

Thank you


I love watching you on utube. The gluten-free freezer meals were all that I wanted. I am hoping that you come up with more. I thank you again for the extra help to download .

FALL 2022 SUPER MEGA EXTRAVAGANZA BUNDLE {1,636 pages} **Plus Free Special Bonus Recession Buster Bundle!**

Fall super Mega extravaganza bundle review

I love it, but after I downloaded it I realized I had already purchased it, now I have two .

WOW!! What a treat!!

After receiving my Fall ‘22 SME Bundle I immediately started looking through all the recipes. We are a family of two, so my eyes quickly went to the recipes for smaller families. These recipes sound so good that I get hungry just reading them! I am going to do my first set of freezer meals Sunday-will try to let you know how wonderful they are…

Family Favorite Recipes Binder Creation Kit

This is helping me get organized!!!

"Yes & Amen" White Hoodie
Peggy Palmer (Middleburg, US)

"Yes & Amen" White Hoodie

Large Family Freezer Meals Packs Triple Bundle {134 pages}

Pressure cooker/Instant Pot

Recipes look yummy and easy to cook.

For The Two Of Us

Jamerrill I just want to say thank you. My family is now empty nesters. So just the two of us. However, I have taken your Mega Momma Meals and made them freezer size for 2 people. Which by the way is a huge money saver for us. And when we have to send meals off for a church member or someone who needs one they are ready. Again, you don’t have to be a Mega family to enjoy your mega meals.

The Birth of Jesus Table Pack {28 pages}
michelle anderson (North Branch, US)
The Birth of Jesus table pack

Jamerrill did an amazing job on this pack! Thanks for doing the leg work for me. Great product!

Excellent quality, well thought out information and format! Thank you!

Jamerill, I hesitated purchasing your LFT bundle because I thought it would just be copycat information from your youtube channel. Boy was I wrong! I highly recommend this bundle to anyone (large family or small) interested in new recipes, meal planning, etc. Thank you for all you offer!

"Yes & Amen" White Letters/Color Fitted Tee
Amanda Everett (Adelaide, AU)
Love it

Gorgeous t shirt..can't wait for the other one to arrive

"Yes and Amen" Tee (XS-5XL)
Niko Tankersley (Safford, US)

I say it since jammerel said it I bought the t-shirt in teal lllllooooove it thank you!!

Large Family Freezer Casseroles {48 pages}
Pamela Bernstein (Oklahoma City, US)
Love It

Thank you so much I watch you all the time, your spirit is a godsend I love the pages and haven’t got to cook yet but I can’t wait,you have inspired me to get out of my shell. This is amazing.

Low Carb Double Bundle {56 pages}
Monte Hess (Bryan, US)

I am really enjoying this download! Even though we are older and children and grandchildren are grown, all the organizational tools are terrific and the recipes are delicious and easily downsized for us! I absolutely love your videos! I love the fact that you are telling mommas what Jesus has done in your life! You are just precious!