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The recipes are really yummy we like all of them and they are so easy to cook, I love the meatloaf x

Very impressed

I am very impressed with what I got the rest of sound really yummy. I am starting to get all the bits and ready for doing the recipes like the sweetener and coconut oil and things are at what you use and I’ve just received my healthy starter book because I want to lose weight at the same time as following your recipes.


I’m prepping meals for my upcoming baby, thanks Jamerrill for all the work you put into these books ❤️ God bless you and your family!


Love all your recipes. The product quality of the usage of printing out these recipes is perfect. So many different recipes I cannot wait to try them all. I did the Hash-brown Breakfast Casserole and it was delicious. I recommend everyone to buy this as a wonderful way to help your family stay ahead of meals and have more time with family. I will gift many dishes as I try them. As it’s just me and my husband now.

Skillet triple bundle

Wonderful. Makes cooking less stressful.

Large Family Sheet Pan Breakfasts {18 pages}
Mitzi Trahan (Lafayette, US)
Breakfasts 🍳

I’m a single person so I have to adapt them but I liked most of your recipes. I won’t put as much cheese in them though. I watch your YouTube videos often. Thank you!


I am very happy with my digital order for the Large Family Slow Cooker Four Pack Bundle from Jamerrill. Our family is low-carb/no carb, low-glycemic, and gluten-free so I modify some recipes easily. I appreciate all the organization and effort that has gone into creating these publications!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As a mother of 11, and grandmother of 2 (so far!), this bundle is an answer to prayer! As our adult children get married and start their families, our family gatherings just keep getting LARGER! So the amount of food I'm making isn't decreasing, it's increasing on some occasions! There is SO MUCH in this mega bundle, so many crowd-pleasers! I am so grateful that Jamerrill has taken the time to do all of this organizing for us Mega Moms! Jamerrill, you are a blessing to so many!


Love the bindles. I love that everything is spelled out and ingredient list is simple. Thank you for helping me feed my family and share food with others in need.

2023 Super Mega Massive BIG BATCH COOKING Extravaganza Bundle! **Plus Free Special Bonus Make-Ahead Christmas Bundle!** {Over 2,000 Pages!!!}

Great color and fit!

Bright Kelly green, soft, and the sizing guide for me was spot on! Use a tape measure to take your measurements when you choose a size!

Well worth it!

I purchased the bundle 2 weeks ago. I have made a couple menu items and used a few charts to help organize my pantry. I even used a planning sheet to organize a 33 quart soup canning session last Saturday. It went so much more smoothly. I look forward to making the cabbage lasagna next!

Large Family Slow Cooker Dinners {39 pages}
Tone Bekken (Spikkestad, NO)

Love it all. Thank you Jamerrill. You are the power girl.

Christmas chicken

Hi Jamerrill sorry for not replying sooner! I didn’t end up cooking the Christmas chicken for the holidays, but I want to try them in the nearest future I have the chicken marinating in the refrigerator right now so that I can bake them tomorrow. I love the way you have the recipes written including the groceries list that way I know exactly what I need for the recipes thank you very much Jamerrill. 😊


I was able to access my big batch cooking order. I think the error was all mine. I’m still looking. Through all the information and content. I love to cook BIG. You are an inspiration. 🥰. Thanks again. Rose Anne

So far so good

I am still planning my own big batch cooking from your guides. I printed some out and I am picking out receipts and going over the shopping lists. My plan is to do my first breakfast session this afternoon.

Buy It Ladies and Gentlemen!

It makes meal planning so much easier. Healthy easy freezer deals. Recipes for all tastes and allergy sensitive family members. Buy this bundle. You won’t regret it!! Thanks Jamerrill for putting this together!

A blessing for gluten sensitive folks!

Jamerrill’s freezer meal guides are always a blessing! Her easy to follow recipes and ingredient lists are such a time saver. My grownup child is sensitive to gluten and she has already chosen six recipes she wants to try! I am so excited and can’t wait to cook them!

Haven't been able to look at everything but I have been watching you videos for awhile. And hoped to be able to afford the bundles. God answered my prayers. Thank you.

Best purchase ever!

Love all your recipes, especially the baking ones!

Made meal prep easy

So tired of cooking everyday and just needed meals to have on hand and pop in the oven for dinner. All the meals were great and the lists of all needed things along with prep lists made the process less annoying for a large family.

Full tummy love ❤️

I love your recipes and how helpful you and they are. Yes and AMEN. My mother, whom we recently moved in with us, has early stage dementia, and she really enjoyed helping me put together these meals. I cherish these memories you are helping us make. Thank you for being my friend ❤️. God Bless you and your family.

Yes & Amen!

I absolutely love it! So easy to access, use and modify. What a wonderful gift!💝