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2023 Upgrade Extravaganza Bundle: 14 Meal Guides {657 pages}

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2023 Upgrade Extravaganza Bundle: 14 Meal Guides!!  - Digital


If you purchased the 2023 Super Mega Extravaganza Bundle and would NOW like to UPGRADE to the newest meal guides through Christmas 2023 in the Large Family Table Shop, then this NEW bundle is for you!! 

This MUST-HAVE bundle contains EVERY NEW COOKING MEAL GUIDE released after my big sale in Fall 2023. 

You get FOURTEEN cooking guides including:

  • SIX Big Batch Freezer Meal Guides
  • THREE Holiday Cooking & Baking Guides
  • One Skillet Meal Guide
  • One Muffin Baking Guide
  • One Salad Guide
  • One Lasagna & Ziti Guide
  • One Charcuterie Guide
  • ....And a partridge in a pear tree!!! (Just kidding...) 


What is included in the Brand New 2023 UPGRADE Bundle?

There are FOURTEEN Meal Guides including: 

Make Ahead & Freeze Holiday Cookies Guide Two:


This brand new baking guide will give you ideas for 10 new cookies to bake for your loved ones and for you, too, my friend. Cause there are times when Momma just needs to sit down with a cookie and a cup of coffee for.a.minute.

    Mega Make-Ahead Holiday Breakfasts Guide One: 

    This includes TEN special breakfast ideas to feed all the ones you love while fostering those loving memories. From fresh yogurt and fruit parfaits to homemade doughnuts and scones, I’m here to help make your holiday mornings memorable.

      Mega Holiday Make-Ahead Guide Two:

      Here are ten crowd-pleasing holiday favorite recipes that can all be made 1-3 days ahead and put in the refrigerator to await the big day.

          Big Batch Freezer Meals Guides 19-24:

          You're going to LOVE the selections in these six brand new meal guides!! I've given you some great LOW-CARB ideas for dinner & dessert, PLUS breakfasts, MORE desserts, casseroles, & TONS of family favorites!!! 


            Skillet Dinners Made Easy Guide 3:

            It’s time to break out your well-seasoned cast-iron, electric (or any stovetop-safe) skillet to prepare TEN delicious new skillet recipes!

              Mega Muffins Volume Two:

              Did you love Mega Muffins Volume One? The Mega Muffins Volume Two guide is just what you need! In this second installment in our Mega Muffins series of recipe guides, I have another 10 scrumptious muffin recipes for you. There isn’t a muffin in here that isn’t crazy delicious and that I don’t love!!

                10 Healthy & Satisfying Salads in Jars:

                In this gorgeous, unique guide, I’m bringing you ten simple recipes for quart-jar salads. You can fill your jars, refrigerate, then have lunch or a side on the table with a shake.

                Massive Lasagna & Ziti Making Guide:

                In this guide, you'll receive 4 Freezer-Friendly Pasta Recipes (Baked Ziti, Classic Lasagna, Cabbage Lasagna, & Palmini Lasagna)!! 


                10 Big Family Boards | Charcuterie Fun for Every Meal:

                Bring creativity to your next gathering with 10 Big Family Boards!! You can use the absolutely delightful photos included in this pack to design your board or use your own imagination!! The sky is the limit when you're putting together these crowd-pleasing boards!! 


                Read what others are saying about these products!! 

                "I’m a working mom of four who typically cooks dinner five days a week. I’ve made three recipes already and I’m loving it. The stuffed jumbo shells were such a hit and I have an extra pan waiting in the freezer for a dinner next week already. So much saved time and best of all—home cooked meals. Plus, I’m cooking out of my comfort zone. I’m Mexican so I’m pushing my boundaries with the different recipes. 👍🏽👍🏽" --Ruth, Edinburg, US


                "My 7 children are grown now but I still enjoy cooking big meals for get-togethers and freezer storage. The amount of work she has done here to make these available is phenomenal...I can personally attest to that. Wish I had these 20 plus years ago. What I enjoy more is the Youtube videos where her character and sweetness shines so bright." --Vickie, Arlington, US



                🎉 Use coupon code HELLO20 to take 20% off your first order!! Get the Super Mega Massive BIG BATCH COOKING Extravaganza 65+ Product Bundle and save mega & lots on ALL the meal time sanity-saving guides in the LFT shop through December 2023!!! 🎉

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                Customer Reviews

                Based on 1399 reviews
                Mitzi Trahan (Lafayette, US)
                Breakfasts 🍳

                I’m a single person so I have to adapt them but I liked most of your recipes. I won’t put as much cheese in them though. I watch your YouTube videos often. Thank you!

                Jamie Jett-Walker (Albuquerque, US)

                I am very happy with my digital order for the Large Family Slow Cooker Four Pack Bundle from Jamerrill. Our family is low-carb/no carb, low-glycemic, and gluten-free so I modify some recipes easily. I appreciate all the organization and effort that has gone into creating these publications!


                Many choices with exact intrusions.

                Alyssa L (Walton, US)
                Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

                As a mother of 11, and grandmother of 2 (so far!), this bundle is an answer to prayer! As our adult children get married and start their families, our family gatherings just keep getting LARGER! So the amount of food I'm making isn't decreasing, it's increasing on some occasions! There is SO MUCH in this mega bundle, so many crowd-pleasers! I am so grateful that Jamerrill has taken the time to do all of this organizing for us Mega Moms! Jamerrill, you are a blessing to so many!

                Sue Jones (Columbus, US)

                Love the bindles. I love that everything is spelled out and ingredient list is simple. Thank you for helping me feed my family and share food with others in need.