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Big Batch Freezer Meals Guide Four | Easy Dinners {44 pages}

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Big Batch Freezer Meals Guide 4 | Easy Dinners- Digital

{Freshly Rebranded & Redesigned Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Four!}

This new Big Batch Freezer Meals Guide Four will keep you going for another few weeks of meals, all prepared and ready to go at the drop of a hat. Depending on the size of your family, of course!

Sometimes life surprises you with company, an unexpected field trip, or forgotten appointments. And everyday life can make it difficult to always get a hot meal on the table. Having these freezer meals available will make it so you can still have a good, hot meal to serve even after rushing around all day. Dinner doesn’t have to be exhausting!

*This is a digital product download. Nothing will be mailed to you.*

As always in these guides, the recipes provide a total of around 40 meals in the Big Batch section, and for my smaller families out there, we won’t leave you behind! You can also enjoy a month or more of freezer stash. Just have a look at the Smallish Big Batch Section! This will provide right around 20 meals, depending on how many you’re feeding.

Both the Big Batch and the Smallish Big Batch sections include a shopping list for the full month of all ten recipes.

You will receive the following in Guide Four:

  • Helpful Freezer Cooking Tips & Tricks
  • Freezer Meals Shopping Lists
  • Big Batch Freezer Meal Prep Guide
  • 10 Big Batch Recipes to make over 30 freezer meals
  • Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet
  • Freezer Inventory Printable
  • Freezer Meal Labels
  • Meal Planning Calendar Page
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Smallish Batch Section for 20ish meals!  

*This is a digital product download. Nothing will be mailed to you.*


With this big batch freezer meals guide four you’ll be guided through the steps of making the following easy dinner recipes for your family. And yay, it’ll feel so good to have a stocked up freezer! 

Big Batch Freezer Meals Guide Four includes a nice variety of slow cooker meals, healthy and hearty soup, and some easy oven bakes. You’ll have well over 30-35 large family meals for this big freezer cook up (meal counts, of course, depend on your actual family size, dietary needs, and preferences). Also, note that as a special bonus you additionally receive the *single* large family freezer meal addition as well so you can pick and choose how many meals you make.

In Big Batch Freezer Meals Guide 4 | Easy Dinners you’ll make:

  • Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
  • Shepherd’s Pie 
  • Stuffed Shells
  • Parmesan Turkey Burgers 
  • Twice Baked Potatoes 
  • Rosemary Garlic Chicken
  • Vegetable Beef Soup 
  • Kielbasa and Cheesy Broccoli Bow Tie Bake 
  • Slow Cooker Homemade Sloppy Joes
  • Slow Cooker Pork Ragu over Fettuccine 

What would YOU do with all of your time if you had a huge freezer meal stash? One thing is for sure, you won’t be worrying about what’s for dinner!


Jamerrill’s Big Batch Freezer Meal Guides are a sanity-saver for this busy mama. I love the extra tips and helpful instructions. I can either do all of the recipes in a massive freezer meal cooking day or pick one meal to do for the evening and batch cook it to stock up the freezer with extras. I can easily adjust the recipes with my own favorite ingredients. The best thing, though? My kids will love all of these meals just as they are written!

~ Tauna

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🎉 Get the Super Mega Massive BIG BATCH COOKING Extravaganza 65+ Product Bundle and save mega & lots on ALL the meal time sanity-saving guides in the LFT shop through December 2023!!! 🎉


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