Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}

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Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Five - Digital

How will Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Five Help YOU Feed Your People?

The new large family freezer meals pack five is here to help you feed all of your people with less-stress and energy to spare! I know you need some extra moments and “umph” in your day with your family. Having a freezer full of a variety of freezer meals is a gift to yourself as a momma managing your people.

In pack five you’ll find a mix of simple oven bakes, slow cooker favorites, and a warming soup for your hungry family. Go about your busy mothering days knowing mealtime is not a battle you have to fight for weeks to come.

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You will receive the following in pack five:

  • Helpful Freezer Cooking Tips & Tricks
  • Freezer Meals Shopping List
  • Big Batch Freezer Meal Prep Guide
  • 10 Large Family Recipes to make over 30 freezer meals
  • Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet
  • Freezer Inventory Printable
  • Freezer Meal Labels
  • Meal Planning Calendar Page
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Single Large Family Freezer Meals Pack (YES! Now we’ve added a special bonus single large family freezer meals pack with the single edition recipes as well!)

*This is a digital product download. Nothing will be mailed to you.*


Okay, okay! Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Five is a BIG STOCK UP PACK. Whew, you will get anywhere from 40 to 45 large family meals from this amazing large family freezer meals pack (meal counts, of course, depend on your actual family size, dietary needs, and preferences). Remember, as a special bonus, you not only get all the directions and helps to make these up to 45 freezer meals, you also get the new single recipe edition which makes smaller quantities if that’s what you prefer. I like to make a lot because, well, all these people eat. Ha!

Sesame Orange Chicken Large Family Recipe – Enjoy 2 large family slow cooker meals. Serve over hot rice.

Burrito Pie Freezer Meal – 8 yes you will get 8 pans of Burrito Pie! It’s sooo good you’ll see why! 🙂

Quinoa Tortellini Sausage Soup – have a nice warm pot of soothing soup whenever you need it.

Baked Beef Macaroni & Cheese Freezer Meal – get 8 pans of this Baked Beef Macaroni & Cheese.

Large Family BBQ Meatloaf Recipe – stock the freezer with 5 BBQ meatloaves!

Easy Baked Spaghetti – 6 pans of Easy Baked Spaghetti is perfect to serve up before evening activities.

Large Family Chicken Pot Pie – you’ll get right about 5 pans of Large Family Chicken Pot Pie and yum!

Large Family Weekend Chicken Chili Recipe – serve this Chicken Chili as a big weekend meal or use alongside soup, salad or sandwich.

Sausage and Spinach Fried Rice – get 5 9×13 pans of delicious Sausage and Spinach Fried Rice!

Easy Homemade Meatballs – how will you use 10 lbs of meatballs ready-to-go in the freezer? Lots of ways, I’m sure.


Oh my goodness, I love Jamerrill’s Large Family Freezer Meal packs! She completely sets you up for success at what feels like an overwhelming task.

~ Clarissa

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*This is a digital product download. Nothing will be mailed to you.*


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