Low Carb Large Family Freezer Meals {42 pages}

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Low Carb Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Seven  - Digital

LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Seven! 

My online momma friends have been asking me for well over a year for LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, and yay - they're here!! In brand new low carb freezer meal pack seven you'll have what you need to shop, prep, batch cook up, and freeze a total of 20-25+ healthy freezer meals (meal counts, of course, depend on your actual family size, dietary needs, and preferences)

As a homeschooling mom of 8 and a family of 10, I understand the daily pressures of feeding my family all day, every day. It's the song that never ends, right :) Having tons of freezer meals in my freezer is one of my main momma sanity saving tricks, yes and amen! Having a bunch of healthy, low carb freezer meals (that work well with Keto or other healthy mama eating styles) REALLY help me personally as momma stay on track. 

You can easily add in healthy carbs of choice for yourself or your children based on dietary needs and personal preference. If you're looking for quick and easy meals made with healthy protein, veggies, and more than you'll love brand new low-carb large family freezer meals pack seven. 


You will receive the following in pack seven:

  • Helpful Freezer Cooking Tips & Tricks
  • Freezer Meals Shopping List
  • Big Batch Freezer Meal Prep Guide
  • 10 Large Family Recipes to make over 25 freezer meals
  • Freezer Cooking Planning Sheet
  • Freezer Inventory Printable
  • Freezer Meal Labels
  • Meal Planning Calendar Page
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Single Large Family Freezer Meals Pack (YES! Now we’ve added a special bonus single large family freezer meals pack with the single edition recipes as well!)

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With this large family freezer meals pack seven you’ll be guided through the steps of making the following large family recipes for your family. And yay, it’ll feel so good to have a stocked up freezer! Large family freezer meals pack seven includes a nice variety of low carb slow cooker meals, healthy and hearty casseroles, some easy wraps and more. You’ll have well over 20-25 large family meals for this big freezer cook up (meal counts, of course, depend on your actual family size, dietary needs, and preferences). Also, note that as a special bonus you additionally receive the *single* large family freezer meal addition as well so you can pick and choose how many meals you make.

In Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Seven you’ll make:

Low-Carb Buffalo Chicken Wraps - make two Buffalo Chicken dinners! Wrap in Romaine lettuce, low carb wraps, eat on salad and more. Make this meal in your slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Caesar Pork Roast - you'll have FOUR Caesar pork roasts in the freezer. This is such a yummy meal. Add salad or soup. 

Low-Carb Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole Bake - everyone loves a good Bacon Cheeseburger. Top you Bacon Cheeseburger Bake with your fav cheeseburger toppings! You'll make two 9x13 pans of this low carb favorite. 

Lime & Cilantro Chicken - Use in low carb wraps, salads, or to make some fantastic homemade Chicken Salad! Choose either your slow cooker or electric pressure cooker for this meal. This recipe makes two dinners.

Stuffed Peppers - You'll make 20 stuffed peppers for the freezer making 3 to 5 meals depending on your family size and added side items. 

Chicken Cauliflower CurryI serve this meal to the kids over hot brown rice and I usually eat mine over steamed and shredded buttered cabbage. Make two gallon size freezer bags of this meal.

Italian Peppered Beef Roast - Make two of this fun spin on roast beef! Your family will rave about this yummy version of a classic family meal. Serve alongside your favorite veggies like steamed broccoli or mashed cauliflower.

Low-Carb Turkey Meatballs - These delightful low-carb turkey meatballs go great in soups, sauces, salads, or as snacks. Who doesn’t love a good meatball? My kiddos have enjoyed these as quick protein in easy homeschool lunches, too.

Easy Italian Chicken - When I make this slow cooker recipe, even the little kids comment on how good the kitchen smells - yum! This super easy meal will free up your time for important things like squeezing in extra snuggles with your kiddos. Two dinners!

Low-Carb Meatloaf - Serve up a quick and healthy large family dinner for your crew with this low-carb recipe! Add in a layer of radishes to be “pretend” potatoes or use real cubed potatoes instead to serve to the family members eating carbs. Two meatloaves for the freezer.

What would YOU do with all of your time if you had a huge freezer meal stash? One thing is for sure, you won’t be worrying about what’s for dinner!


Jamerrill’s Large Family Freezer Meal packs are a sanity-saver for this busy mama. I love the extra tips and helpful instructions. I can either do all of the recipes in a massive freezer meal cooking day or pick one meal to do for the evening and batch cook it to stock up the freezer with extras. I can easily adjust the recipes with my own favorite ingredients. The best thing, though? My kids will love all of these meals just as they are written!

~ Tauna

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Heather Horn (Red Deer, CA)

I am in Canada, family of 4 and decided to do the large pack and freeze in smaller containers (making smaller freezer packs on the side for my mother as well). I am super excited, so far what we have had is very good, we add extra spice and we like a bit of a kick to our food. Fun fact, the cost for the groceries for this pack in Canada was $391.