Large Family Freezer Meals Packs Triple Bundle {126 pages}

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Large Family Freezer Meals Packs 7-9 - Digital

In the brand new Large Family Freezer Meals packs 7, 8, 9, Bundle you get the brand new LOW CARB packs 7 and 8, plus brand new DAIRY FREE pack 9!


Wouldn't we all love having our freezers loaded with healthy low carb and/or dairy free freezer meals? Now you can with the variety in these new large family freezer meal packs. Wholesome casseroles, slow cooker dump and go meals, electric pressure cooker favorites and more are all served up in these brand new freezer meal packs. 

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What other moms are saying

“Most freezer meal menus and methods aren’t made for a large family, so I have to double (and sometimes triple!) the everything – what a hassle! Finally, there’s a freezer meal plan made for me – the large family mom, who needs a break in the kitchen and more time to spend with her kids! The recipes in the Large Family Freezer Meal Packs are simple, frugal, and made for real-life moms who don’t have the time and energy for fancy ingredients and overly-complicated instructions. No more tweaking too-small recipes and spending hours in the kitchen! Yippee!”

~ Amy Roberts, RaisingArrows.net

“I absolutely LOVE Large Family Freezer Meal Packs that Jamerrill has put together. I have nine children and am going through an extraordinarily busy time of life right now (just moved, running a booming business, and homeschooling). Freezer meals are an absolute lifesaver. Jamerrill’s recipes are always such a huge hit in our home, and why wouldn’t they be? Everything Jamerrill is sharing has been tested and tweaked on her own family…so you KNOW it’s gonna be good!”

~ Ashley Buffa LargeFamilyManagement.com

“Oh my goodness, I love Jamerrill’s Large Family Freezer Meal packs! She completely sets you up for success at what feels like an overwhelming task. I have only done batch cooking/baking out of necessity towards the end of each of my 8 pregnancies and I was always flying by the seat of my pants just trying to “beat the clock” and get myself some extra food in the freezer before the baby arrived. While I know that freezer cooking is helpful in the long term, I’ve always just felt too frazzled to think about HOW to plan, prep, and have a freezer cooking day.

"Jamerrill takes all of that brain-stress out of it and all you have to do is follow her step-by-step guide! Whether you want to do a freezer cooking day in preparation for a new baby or you want to make it a monthly habit, these packs are going to make it a lot simpler. I love the freezer tips, prep tips, and printable sheets that do all of the thinking for you. But, the shopping list with exact amounts needed for each ingredient is my favorite – seriously, trying to add up everything on my own was always more than I wanted to do! I am excited to implement her strategies and meal plans. Two thumbs-up from this large family mom!”

~ Clarissa R. West ClarissaRWest.com


You will get Large Family Freezer Meals packs 7, 8, 9 that each include helpful freezer cooking tips, a specific freezer cooking shopping list that will guide you through buying everything you need to freezer cook for each individual pack, a freezer meal cooking prep guide specific to each pack, and 30 large family recipes that will make 70-75+ freezer meals for your growing family (depending on your family size and appetites, of course!), plus you’ll receive additional freezer cooking printables in each pack!

AND SPECIAL TO PACKS 7, 8, 9 you'll also receive the special bonus pack edition which features the single large family recipes edition where you can customize to make however many or little you want of each recipe!

LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meals Pack Seven! 

My online momma friends have been asking me for well over a year for LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meal Packs, and yay - they're here!! In brand new low carb freezer meal pack seven you'll have what you need to shop, prep, batch cook up, and freeze a total of 20-25+ healthy freezer meals. 

As a homeschooling mom of 8 and a family of 10, I understand the daily pressures of feeding my family all day, every day. It's the song that never ends, right :) Having tons of freezer meals in my freezer is one of my main momma sanity saving tricks, yes and amen! Having a bunch of healthy, low carb freezer meals (that work well with Keto or other healthy mama eating styles) REALLY help me personally as momma stay on track. 

LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meals Pack EIGHT! 

YES, FINALLY the brand new LOW CARB Large Family Freezer Meal Packs are here!! In the new low carb freezer meal pack eight you'll be guided through grocery shopping, meal prepping, and big batch cooking up a total of 20-25+ healthy freezer meals. 

If you're looking for quick and easy meals made with healthy protein, veggies, and more than you'll love brand new low-carb large family freezer meals pack eight. 

DAIRY FREE Large Family Freezer Meals Pack NINE! 

So many mommas have asked me for dairy free recipes and dairy free freezer meals. This is the large family freezer meals pack just for you! YAY, the brand new DAIRY FREE Large Family Freezer Meal Pack is here!! In the new dairy free freezer meal pack nine you'll be guided through the freezer cooking grocery shopping, meal prepping, and big batch cooking to make up a total of 20-25+ dairy free freezer meals. 


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*This is a digital product download. Nothing will be mailed to you.*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Megan Sebaaly (Coeur d'Alene, US)

I just completed freezer cooking for my family of 7. I love how easy to use these recipes were! I made 6 meals (4 of each meal) using packs 7, 8, and 9. It was easy to know at what point to stop cooking, how to assemble, and even what to write on the outside of the package. Thank you, Jamerill for putting together this easy to use bundle! It made the planning so much easier!

Suzy Kelly (Avon, US)
Great Packet

Love everything in Jamerrill's store. Especially like small families being included!

Linda Drury (Spearfish, US)
Great product!

My family is smaller than yours and I liked the smaller version of the recipes! My family loves them. Thank you!

Tonje T (Vennesla, NO)

Super easy and practical freezer meals 👏🏻

Marcella Lapp (Nottingham, US)
Love the low carb pack

Being diabetic this was a nice easy way to plan a low carb menu plan with out doing all of my own research! Simple and yummy!