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The Last Supper Table Pack {24 pages}

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The Last Supper Table Pack - Digital

The Last Supper is one of the most well-known stories of the Bible. This copywork covers the story retold in Mark 14:12-25.

Teach your children this beautiful story of Jesus' last meal with his disciples while practicing their handwriting skills with this 24 page The Last Supper Table Pack!! 


the last supper collage

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What's in The Last Supper Table Pack? 

The Last Supper Table Pack includes 24 printable pages that are divided into five sections:

  • Mark 14:12-25 - NIV Version
  • Copy Work - includes print and cursive
  • Vocabulary - learn new words! 
  • Fill-in-the-Blank - Test your knowledge of the story! 
  • Flip Book - Learn the Passover Traditions! 


the last supper toc


At the beginning of the packet is a page with the story of the Last Supper.

The first part of this packet includes copywork in both print and cursive. Use these pages to study and meditate on each line and understand the story of the Last Supper.

Then, learn some of the vocabulary in the passage. After that, put your knowledge to the test with a fill-in-the-blank activity.

Lastly, create a flip book about the traditions of Passover to better understand the story of the Last Supper.


the last supper

This is a digital product and nothing will be mailed to you. 

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